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Dolphin JetpackDolphin Jetpack

Get Dolphin Jetpack to speed up your Dolphin Browser and enjoy more cool features.
Dolphin Jetpack uses Dolphin’s very own HTML5 rendering engine that powers Dolphin for the best HTML5 web game and web app experiences.

Please use Jetpack with the latest Dolphin Browser, and make sure Dolphin Jetpack is enabled in settings.

The nitty-gritty
Dolphin Jetpack is an improved browser kernel with extensive canvas/GPU/JavaScript enhancement and behind-the-scenes technology, which makes Dolphin Browser one of the highest scoring HTML5 browsers.

With Dolphin Jetpack enabled, Dolphin Browser is 5 – 10X faster than the default Android browser, and keeps you safe from the internet attack.

More cool features
★ Flash support. Dolphin Jetpack optimizes the experience of flash videos and flash games.

Requires Android
Varies with device

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What new in version: 7.2.2!

[Improvement] Ensure security of browsing by disabling unsafe encryption algorithm [Improvement] Adjust the scale of double-tap to zoom to read better [Bug fix] Cannot save cookies on Android 4.3 devices Other crash and bug fixes

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