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3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test 3.43 APK


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On May 5, 2015
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With OpenSignal you can map cellular coverage, find Wi-Fi hotspots, test and improve your reception & get faster data.

3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test 3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test

3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test 3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test


* Signal compass points you in the direction your signal is coming from, just walk towards it!
* WiFi map allows you to easily locate nearby public networks.
* Coverage maps allow you see the best/worst places for signal.
* Speedtest feature allows you to see the true speed of your connection (download, upload & latency)
* NetworkRank shows which carrier is best in your area.
* See local cell towers.
* Free and ad-free

You can also:

* Help improve our crowdsourced and impartial maps by contributing data.
* Share your findings and compare your connection with other users.
* View your history of signal readings.
* test upload, download and latency
* Save your data to SD card.
* Signal booster for compatible phones

Requires Android
Varies with device

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What new in version: 3.43!

We squeezed one more feature in - live wallpaper You no longer have to decipher the symbols in the phone status bar to see you've lost signal: OpenSignal wallpaper goes red for no signal, blue for brilliant LTE, green for good 3G, orange for OK 2G. Also: Overhauled speed test - it looks similar, but runs much smoother Better material design animations for Lollipop New high res icon.

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