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Pandora® Radio        Pandora® Radio     Pandora® Radio

Pandora® Radio            Pandora® Radio       Pandora® Radio

Great music discovery is effortless and free with Pandora. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, genres or composers and we’ll do the rest. It’s easy to create personalized stations that play only music you’ll love.
Tap into an entire world of music, including almost a century of popular recordings – new and old, well known and obscure. Create up to 100 personalized radio stations with your free account.
Not sure where to start? Create a free account to explore hundreds of music and comedy genre stations.
Already a Pandora listener? Even easier. Just log in and enjoy the same free radio service. Your Pandora is the same across the web, on your phone, on your TV, and in your car – access your free personalized radio wherever you want to hear great music or comedy.
Note: Pandora may use large amounts of data and carrier data charges may apply. For best results, we recommend you connect your device to trusted WiFi networks when available.

Requires Android
Varies with device

Download Pandora® Radio 5.9 APK Free

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What new in version: 5.9!

What's New * Our new design is now available for tablets. Check it out! * Disposed of some bugs that may have gotten between you and the music you love.

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